Thursday, June 11, 2015

Reflection 2014-2015

Blogging has been an experience that I never thought I would have considered doing
throughout my lifetime. I also would have never thought that it could be an experience inside a
classroom, but it was a great experience to incorporate my ideas publicly amongst my peers.
Blogging has opened many doors for me to express my objectives in my own creative way of
writing. Writing in Spanish has also improved my writing. I remember being the one to look up
some of the words that I needed help on because I'd be very forgetful, but as time progressed,
writing in Spanish has become more natural and easy. Some of the topics of our blogs this year,
such as beauty and friendships were one of my favorite topics to write about. It was also a topic
that I could connect to the social world which I enjoyed talking about. As I connected the topics
towards the world, I reflected on how I viewed on the topic. For example, I never took the time to examine what I defined beauty was until I was given the opportunity to talk about them. I
learned that I had different opinions on what I thought beauty was versus what society thought
beauty was. 

Credits : Noemi Castellanos

Though blogging was a good first experience, I don't think I will continue to blog. I
believe blogging should be something people feel passionate about, but I have passions for
health and medicine. If i do consider to continue to blog, the topics would probably include
things that connect to my own interests in life. It would help me find others with similar interests
throughout the world wide web. In the future, I can apply to what I have learned by also using
other ways of social media to communicate and share my ideas. Social media is a great way to
promote what you want to share, especially by using more than one source. If there's one thing I
learned from social media is that one could easily spread the word amongst thousands and
millions of people across the web. For example, companies are now using social media as a
way to sell there products. The social world isn't using newspapers for news anymore, but it has
turned to technology. It has benefited us because now we can communicate millions of people
across the globe.

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